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Legal Slavery in the 21st Century

Legal Slavery in the 21st Century

Shared with kind permission of Angel Flinn, Director of Outreach at Gentle World (A vegan intentional community).

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How To Go Vegan Podcast: Sentience, Speciesism and Rights

HTGV sentience rights speciesismPart of the slow release of How to Go Vegan episodes already in existence on the site: In this episode I’ll share some thoughts on basic rights, sentience, why it matters and how it is important in relation to our recognising nonhuman animals as moral persons. And when I say moral persons, I simply mean animals are not viewed as a “thing”.

I discuss some of the inherent problems with single issue campaigns including campaigns which call for an end to certain forms of animal use, (or certain species) and which are always linked to building ties with animal industry.  I will talk about why single issue campaigns (SICs) are, by their very nature, problematic, and speciesist, and at best pointless.


To find out more, check out the recommended reading section.

Picking The Low-Hanging Fruit: What is Wrong with Single Issue Campaigns?

Sentience: The Morally Relevant Characteristic Justifying Basic Rights

Property Status and Animal Welfare: Two Deep Roots of Cruelty.

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Becoming Vegan: My Personal Experience: Start Here

cropped-HTGV-header-3.pngThe 2nd in my slow release of already existing podcast episodes.


Welcome Friends to “How To Go Vegan” Podcast. I just want to preface this by saying that I’m so glad you’ve dropped by this site. I’m sure for some, the topic of veganism may be very new. And what I present here will be very different to what we might encounter generally. Usually veganism is presented in a very human-centric anthropocentric way today. If you have not thought about this issue before, it may even seem a little bit scary for some, but trust me, being vegan really is much easier than it’s often made out to be.

So some may ask why create this abolitionist vegan resource in podcast form? As far as I know there isn’t one in existence to assist new vegans. I thought it might be beneficial for those who prefer obtaining information via podcasts to hear a rather informal presentation of veganism in a clear and personalised way by someone who has been vegan since early 2005 and abolitionist since mid 2009. I thought it might be helpful if one can also hear a friendly voice and be able to listen to various podcast episodes in one’s own time. I decided I would start with a personalised informal introduction to my becoming vegan just to give those who are thinking about becoming vegan or who have an interest in knowing more about it, the opportunity to hear a personal take on it.

What do I cover in this episode?

In this episode I briefly explain the difference between being vegan and abolitionist vegan and I go into more depth in other episodes on this site but for now, I’ll start by talking just a little about what the catalyst was for my deciding to become vegan and what subsequent steps I took to bring myself in line with that ethical position; what the trigger was which made me decide I needed to immediately stop eating animal products and stop participating in the exploitation of animals. Then I’ll talk a little on how I removed animal products from my diet and how I stopped using animals in my life, and I’ll touch on nutrition. Then I’ll talk generally about what it’s like to be vegan, what we should avoid and I chat a little about why I became an abolitionist vegan 4 years after I became vegan.

Thanks for listening. 🙂


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