How would it be possible to grow enough fruits, vegetables and grain for everyone to be vegan when so many people are starving already?

There is already enough food to feed the world many times over. The reason so many people are starving has to do with political injustice and instability, access to resources, and other factors including the amount of food that is fed to “livestock” instead of people.

Millions of tons of grain are fed to farmed animals and kept in grain stockpiles instead of being fed to the people who grow it. The same developing nations where people are starving grow the grain that is exported to wealthier nations to be fed to livestock.

If we started growing more fruit, vegetables and grain as opposed to raising animals for food and clothing, world hunger would be greatly reduced!

1.5 acres can provide 37,000 lbs. of plant-based food, and only 375 lbs. of meat.


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