Gabriel and “The Killing Fields”

Gabriel and the Killing Fields

Gabriel and The Killing Fields


“If there is a message from the horror of Gabriel’s past it is that we live in a terrible world that needs to change at its roots. No one is worth more or less than another. No one’s purpose in life is to be used. No one is the property of another except by abuse of power.”

Sandra informs me that Garbriel is doing very well and also has assigned himself “guarder of the hay” 😉 

Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary (Slane Co Meath near Newgrange, Ireland ) is mostly run by one person Sandra Higgins. Running a sanctuary mostly by oneself is a huge undertaking.  We, as vegans, have a moral obligation to support vegan farm animal sanctuaries like Eden, like Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary that are not afraid to promote veganism clearly and not afraid to ask the public to go vegan.

Sanctuary owner Sandra Higgins also has been conducting a wonderful vegan advertising billboard campaign around Ireland.

Please consider sponsoring a resident at Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary. Thank you.

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