Vitamin D Deficiency: A Global Epidemic

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Welcome to How To Go Vegan podcast. Hopefully you’ve looked at the episode
Introduction to Plant-based Nutrition which includes important information about Vitamin B12. If you haven’t listened to that particular episode I invite you to do so before listening to this one. 🙂 But if you listen to only one episode on this site, I invite  you to listen to Becoming Vegan: My Personal Experience

Before I start, I would just like to say that at times I’m going to compare animal sources of various nutrients with plant based sources. If I do this, it’s simply to to demonstrate the clear health issues, backed by science. Although I do this, I want to be clear that for me (or the vegans I know), it would not matter if animal sourced-nutrients and animal products were better health-wise for us. Even if they were not harmful, I would not consume them because they are products of great violence and also because we can be vegan and we can easily meet our nutrition requirements from a balanced plant based diet (and other non-animal sources). But I will demonstrate the differences between plant versus animal sources with some examples of non-animal nutrition studies, to demonstrate how superior a plant based diet is.

Some of the information I’ll provide in these episodes about nutrition are sourced from a site which personally I find very beneficial. It freely provides regular science-based public information on the latest in nutrition research. So I invite you to check it out. And a please read my full disclaimer about external sites.


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