Why Begin Again?

Why Being Again?

Shared with kind permission of Joanna Lucas.

celeste loved

“Celeste left this world entirely on her own. She had been forced into existence by human greed, she had been a prisoner of a crippled body all of her short life, but she exited entirely on her own terms, just before noon, one summer day.

Celeste, wherever you are, “Il y a longtemps que je t’aime, Jamais je ne t’oublierai.” “I’ve loved you for so long, I will never forget you”. This will be a life-filled year. Maybe not happy, maybe not comfortable, but beautiful, and true – like your life. Worth living. Worth beginning again.”

Joanna Lucas

celeste go vegan

Joanna also writes

“If living ethically is important to you, please remember that there is nothing humane about “humane” animal farming, just as there is nothing ethical or defensible about consuming its products. When confronted with the fundamental injustice inherent in all animal agriculture—a system that is predicated on inflicting massive, intentional and unnecessary suffering and death on billions of sentient individuals—the only ethical response is to strive to end it, by becoming vegan, not to regulate it by supporting “improved” methods of producing dairy, eggs, meat, wool, leather, silk, honey, and other animal products. For more information, please read The Humane Farming Myth. Live vegan and educate others to do the same.”

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