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Slow Release of How To Go Vegan Episodes

cropped-chameleonweird-HTGV2.pngHi Friends,

I will be releasing How To Go Vegan podcast episodes already in existence on this page at approximately one a week. There are 50 plus currently. I hope you will subscribe and invite others to do so. I hope to also post new episodes as well in the not to distant future.

List of How To Go Vegan Episodes so far released:
(Find them on iTunes)

1) Why Vegan : Start Here

2) Becoming Vegan: My Personal Experience: Start Here

3) Speciesism, Sentience and Rights

4) “Humane”: What’s in a Word

5) Animal Cruelty: Who is to Blame?

6) Are Anti-Cruelty Campaigns Really Effective?

7)  Picking the Low Hanging Fruit: What’s Wrong with Single Issue Campaigns?

8) Calcium: Plant versus Dairy

9) That’s Where Our Safety Will Come

10) Making a Killing with Animal Welfare Reform

11) A Better World for All of Us

12) A Call To Vegetarians

13) Why Begin Again

14) What’s Wrong with Wool?

15) Protein

16) The Importance of Being Vegan

17) Can Veganism End World Hunger?

18) Freedom’s New Frontier: A Guide to Animal Rights

19) What’s Wrong with Leather?

20) Legal Slavery in the 21st Century

21) What’s Wrong with Backyard Eggs?

22) Vegan: Easier than You Think

23) Magnesium: How Important Is It?

24) “Free Range” Eggs

25) Willow’s Whisper to the World

26) A Vegan Manifesto 

27) Mother’s Milk

28) Veganism : What and Why

29) Birds of the Down Industry

30) Cruelty to Animals

Thanks 🙂

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Welcome to How To Go Vegan Podcast

cropped-How-to-go-vegan-assortment4.pngWelcome to How To Go Vegan podcast. This podcast is a reasonably comprehensive vegan resource with an abolitionist flavour (although if it’s vegan, then it should naturally be abolitionist) 😉 This podcast contains episodes and written material on what veganism is, how to become vegan, how to stay vegan, and how easy it is to be vegan once we have made the ethical decision to do so.

I’m not selling anything. There is no donate button. I have no association with any organisation, product, business or any individual.  I don’t profit in any way from this or any of my vegan education efforts.

I just want you to go vegan 🙂

This project is ongoing.  I will be updating it with new episodes specific to assisting those interested in becoming vegan or to assist new vegans, so please subscribe or join the Facebook page.

If you are not vegan, or new to veganism my suggestion would be to start at  Why Vegan: Start here  then move on to  Becoming Vegan: My Personal Experience.  Then on to Humane: What’s in a Word, and then Sentience, Speciesism and Rights and then go from there.

There are some sections in “What’s Wrong with …. that are not completed as yet and there are some other sections which will be completed in the near future.  I hope you will subscribe for updates.

Please read my disclaimer about any organisations, groups, social media groups, individuals, and sometimes products etc which I may occasionally mention or which may appear on this site. Such mention does not mean I endorse them.

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 I look forward to your company in the future.


Addendum 18/4/16

Friends, thanks for joining the Facebook page over the last day or so and thanks for sharing the page with others.

Just to advise there’s a few sections of this site that are yet to be completed. e.g some sections in “What’s Wrong with…” . There’s also a section “Our Stories” which will be filled out over the next few weeks. There will also be a FAQ which will be filled out over time one episode at a time and eventually become a table of contents as there will be at least 20 to 30 questions and answers in that section. There will also be more headings added in the future.

Anyway, this is just to let you know that the site is only 2/3 complete and is an ongoing project 🙂

That is all 😛

Final note about episode content in this podcast:

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