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Calcium: Plant vs Dairy

How to go vegan Calcium header1Part of the slow release of already existing podcast episodes. Welcome to How To Go Vegan podcast. Hopefully you’ve looked at the episode Introduction to Plant-based Nutrition which includes important information about Vitamin B12. If you haven’t listened to that particular episode I invite you to do so before listening to this one. 🙂 But if you listen to only one episode on this site, I invite  you to listen to Becoming Vegan: My Personal Experience

Before I start, I would just like to say that at times I’m going to compare animal sources of various nutrients with plant based sources. If I do this, it’s simply to to demonstrate the clear health issues, backed by science. Although I do this, I want to be clear that for me (or the vegans I know), it would not matter if animal sourced-nutrients and animal products were better health-wise for us. Even if they were not harmful, I would not consume them because they are products of great violence and also because we can be vegan and we can easily meet our nutrition requirements from plants (and other non-animal sources). But I will demonstrate the differences between plant versus animal sources with some examples of non-animal nutrition studies, to demonstrate how superior a plant based diet is.

Some of the information I’ll provide in these episodes about nutrition are sourced from a site which personally I find very beneficial. It freely provides regular science-based public information on the latest in nutrition research. So I invite you to check it out. And a please read my full disclaimer about external sites.

For more information specific to nutrition:
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